Head of services and Restaurant Service teacher
Professora de la Joviat des de 2001

Teacher of our school since 2001, teaching future promotions of waiters. He has a special sensitivity for the restaurant room and the scenery that surrounds it. She is passionate about the service technique, giving a lot of relevance to topics such as the practice of adapted and modernized customer-oriented dishes, communication, protocol and marketing. She loves the side of dealing with the student, tutorial support and emotional work. She is passionate about the management and execution of major events.

  • Specialist Technician in Hospitality: Restoration Services (Joviat)
  • Top Technician in Restoration (Joviat)
  • Top Technician in Commerce and Marketing (Joviat)
  • Public relations course, customer service and protocol
  • Formed in emotional intelligence
  • Master in systemic pedagogy by the Gestalt Institute and the Cudec University of Mexico